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Gray Engineering provides on-time and cost effective engineering solutions for residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial and infrastructure development in the Austin region.

Let’s partner to build Central Texas, one hand shake at a time.

Central Texas is one of the fastest growing populations in the country. Fortunately Central Texas continues to protect environmental assets and everyday quality of life, but as a by-product provide a host of residential development challenges.

Residential Market

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Gray Engineering’s full-service civil engineering team reduces our project partner’s exposure to unexpected delays and development threats by leveraging an unequalled knowledge of local regulations, plus the personalities and professionals who create and enforce them.

Our experts use industry best practices to successfully assess, design and execute single-family, multi-family and high-density residential construction throughout the Austin Region, to the most exacting sustainability certifications.

Multi-Family Market

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Whether for urban redevelopment, urban infill or greenfield development, Gray Engineering leverages it’s decades of experience and today’s brightest young engineers to develop world-class multifamily projects of any size or scope throughout Central Texas.

By marrying Gray’s additional expertise in transportation planning, along with neighborhood amenity centers and parks, Gray Engineering helps clients create true communities that thrive in the Austin region’s competitive condominium and rental markets.

As added value, Gray stands ready to assist even while work crews move to trim work, by providing a team of project representatives to ensure construction is completed on time, on budget and up to the strict Central Texas standards. That translates into Gray’s projects receiving Certificates of Occupancy as soon as possible, so our clients generate sales and tenants feel proud and excitement in their new multifamily communities.

Office Commercial Industrial Market

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Punctuated by the 5000-seat Cedar Park Events Center project, Gray Engineering has earned a reputation for integrity-centric commercial and industrial development in the Austin region.

From site-selection to finish-out, Gray Engineering focuses its commercial and industrial practice on delivering results that reduce delay and budget overrun risk so that building owners can deliver on time and on budget.

Gray Engineering helps deliver on the Central Texas reputation for quality development representative of the entrepreneurial energy pulsing through the Austin region, providing adaptive, productive spaces where clients and customers excel.

Utility Districts Market

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Water control and supply are fundamental for new land development, especially so in the drought-stricken Lone Star State. Water rights and resources are
also tightly regulated by the Texas Water Code and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, better known as the TCEQ.

Gray Engineering’s robust understanding has been an invaluable resource for land developers seeking to navigate a maze of water and wastewater-related issues, along with the ensuing regulators, attorneys, financial consultants, operation companies and engineers that follow.

In addition to the creation of these utility districts to service new communities, developers count on Gray Engineering for ongoing utility-related engineering and consultations throughout the life of the project, from bonds, to water, wastewater and storm drainage improvements. Land developers draw comfort from knowing Gray Engineering’s team is at the forefront of district issues, and is a respected voice at the TCEQ.

Infrastructure Market

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Either as standalone infrastructure projects to serve a municipal population, or as gateways to major land development projects, Gray Engineering has sustained performance delivering water, wastewater and transportation projects.

Gray Engineering is a trusted partner with proven performance in civil design services, bidding and contract administration with local, state and federal agencies, including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Relying on its reputation and regional partnerships, Gray Engineering also serves as a proactive, amenable coordinator with adjacent land owners and government agencies to protect projects from becoming mired in delays that can result from communication breakdowns with stakeholders.