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Markets: Water Districts

Blockhouse MUD

  • Encompasses over 2,000 single family homes
  • Gray Engineering has represented the Blockhouse MUD since its inception in 1977 as well as providing engineering services in support of all development

The Block House Municipal Utility District was created in 1977 and consists primarily of single-family development in southern Williamson County. The subdivision project, Block House Creek, is located entirely within the District’s boundaries and encompasses more than 2,000 single family homes.

The project, located between the cities of Cedar Park and Leander in Southern Williamson County, receives water and wastewater service from the City of Cedar Park by operating its own water storage, pressure and distribution system as well as wastewater collection system including lift station improvements.

The overall subdivision project is centered around Block House Creek, which spans the development west-east and forms a backbone of a central greenbelt area throughout the development. The firm has represented the District in providing engineering services in support of all of the single-family development as well as major utility improvements within the District to date.

River Place MUD

  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for maintenance and upgrade
  • Improvement to water system including cutting edge industrial control system

The River Place Municipal Utility District encompasses an upscale residential community and golf course development located in Northwest Austin overlooking the shores of Lake Austin. Gray Engineering began representing the District in 2005 as district engineer.

In concert with the District’s Board of Directors, Gray Engineering developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for maintaining the District’s major utility system as well as upgrading the system to serve its residents. Improvements to the water system included a state-of-the-art industrial computer-controled system to increase the efficiency and reliability of the surface water treatment plant, booster pump stations and storage tanks making up the water supply system.

The firm continues to represent the District by providing additional services in the expansion of their parks system and nature trails.

Travis County WCID No. 19

  • Single-family subdivision Water District development
  • Gray Engineering has been involved with this District since 1993 serving as
    District Engineer since 1997
  • Improvements include upgrading the wastewater collection and water
    distribution systems as well as street paving overlays

Travis County WCID No. 19 encompasses the original single-family development areas within the overall Barton Creek master planned community. These areas include The Foothills and The Woods single family subdivisions within that overall Barton Creek master planned community.

Gray Engineering’s involvement in the overall project dates back to 1993 while serving as District Engineer to the WCID since 1997. Major improvements include upgrading the District’s wastewater collection and water distribution systems as well as periodic improvements to the subdivision such as street paving overlays and supervision of utility operation and maintenance.